The Immersive Virtual Web

WEB 3.0 + 3DVR = WEB 3.D

The newest web layer that is expressed and experienced in immersive virtual reality.

“The Foundation of the 3.D internet. This is the WordPress® for
the metaverse.”

- Brian Shuster


The Web 3.D internet is opening new kinds of opportunities that could never have been realized under the old web system.

Businesses that benefit from groups of users interacting with each other for maximum value, such as live entertainment events, conventions and classes as well as businesses that are enhanced by users being in a real-world space or dealing with 3D objects such as real-estate, interior design and shopping, will all realize huge gains within the metaverse.


The proprietary technological breakthroughs by Utherverse now make all of this possible in a massively multi-user online environment.

Utherverse combines user-generated content and social networking with complex back-end coding to integrate Web 2.0 features into our AEON Web3.D browser: video, audio, graphics, animations, textures, props, sounds, movement scripts, HTML5-enabled visuals; and e-commerce capabilities.

Users are guided to any one of the metaverse worlds by hyperlinking on a unique URL in the AEON browser, or they can search for worlds by topic using search directories similar to web 2.0