Welcoming Immersive Community

The Metaverse will be the final phase of the Internet, and there will ultimately be only one dominant metaverse platform.

The dominant metaverse can be an open and uplifting one; or it could be a closed, algorithmically oppressing one that is driven by profits over people.

The path that our generation chooses today will decide the fate of our species for millennia.

It is the hope of our team that the creation of a welcoming, immersive Virtual World Web where true freedom, exercised responsibly, is the highest priority, will bring people around the world closer together in a vitalizing spirit of partnership and friendship.


It is the purpose and intention of Utherverse, to create a new kind of human interaction within in a 3D environment.

It provides access to the highest quality entertainment, education, and business opportunities, while offering rewarding social experiences that will be available to every person, anywhere in the world. Utherverse is driven to undo the harm of Web 2.0 social media companies by providing a new kind of honest and heartfelt socially interactive experience that will unite people globally, so that they can meet, interact, learn, benefit, work, and play together without barriers and limitations imposed by the physical world.



  • v-check Co-Creation (User built)
  • v-check Fun & Engaging
  • v-check UTHER Coin
  • v-check Marketplace
  • v-check Lifestyle
  • v-check Diversity
  • v-check Inclusion
  • v-check Utility (Gamification + Monetization)


  • v-check Humanitarianism & Charity
  • v-check Accessibility
  • v-check Freedom of Expression
  • v-check Safety
  • v-check Permission
  • v-check Protocol
  • v-check Governance
  • v-check Blockchain Interoperability


  • v-check Patented Technology Powering our MMOR™ (Massive Multiuser Online Reality)
  • v-check Next Generation Haptics and Adaptics™ Product Lines & Features
  • v-check Innovative Immersive Display headset technology