We Are a Perfect Compliment to Unity

A thriving developer community

Platform Agnostic, usable on all your favorite devices: PC Mac, Tablets, Oculus, iPhone and Samsung.

From the beginning, Utherverse has been a complement to the Unity 3D game development system. Our creators chose Unity as the foundation on which to build the Utherverse because it is cross-platform, powerful, feature-rich, and has a thriving developer community already familiar with its art asset pipeline.


The proprietary technological breakthroughs by Utherverse now make all of this possible in a massively multi-user online environment.

Utherverse combines user-generated content and social networking with complex back-end coding to integrate Web 2.0 features into our AEON Web3.D browser: video, audio, graphics, animations, textures, props, sounds, movement scripts, HTML5-enabled visuals; and e-commerce capabilities.

Users are guided to any one of the metaverse worlds by hyperlinking on a unique URL in the AEON browser, or they can search for worlds by topic using search directories similar to web 2.0

Unlike Any Stand-Alone VR Experience

Think of Unity as an amazing engine and the Utherverse platform software as the rest of the car. Together you get a full ride, and with Utherverse and Unity, it’s the ride of your dreams!

Game engines (ex: Unity, Unreal, Source, etc.) are little more than a set of code libraries, presented in an integrated development environment used to render 3D spaces, special effects, and animated characters.

Networked Virtual Reality

While most game engines provide helpful art, pipeline tools, code templates, and pre-implemented logic (patterns) to make game development easier; as a rule, “networking” is an after-thought.

Utherverse provides an always-on, networked, virtual world hosting platform to which client applications can connect to engage with “instances” (scenes, game areas, or other shared experiences). The platform is fully programmable both through scripts which run in instances, or through components that extend the server’s core functionality. Utherverse Sovereigns can develop full-scale MMOR-style products that leverage Utherverse’s extensive networking capabilities, built-in security, data storage facilities, and other features.