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While other companies have suddenly realized that the future of technology involves the metaverse, the team at Utherverse has been actively building it for the past 17 years.

While other companies have suddenly realized that the future of technology involves the metaverse, the team at Utherverse has been actively building it for the past 17 years.


The Utherverse is not just “a” metaverse. It is the next generation of the Internet: a decentralized multiverse, led by a new and abundant generation of creators, that is set to deliver interconnected, immersive experiences.

The foresight and vision of our founder Brian Shuster has put the Utherverse in a key position as a hub around which other visions of the metaverse will eventually coalesce, interoperate, and cross pollinate.

“The Visionary starts with a clean piece of paper and re-imagines the world.”

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Patents on Critical Technology

Our innovative technology stack has solved many of the “show stopping” issues that newer metaverse companies haven’t even thought about yet.

More than 50 million players worldwide have downloaded and participated in our existing 2nd generation platform which already included massive technological breakthroughs that have DOZENS OF PATENTS on critical technological processes and methods necessary to operate a “metaverse”.

We are the only platform that can truly handle MMOR ™ (Massive Multiuser Online Reality) scenarios on all devices, without a massive drain on network resources and with a Permissions tech stack that facilitates interoperability between worlds and exchange of goods safely and efficiently.

3rd Generation Platform

Our previous platforms were open, community built and driven endeavors, which have been the most successful virtual world platforms in history!

Our 3rd generation platform is already years ahead of any competitor.

It is designed to package the best of video games, VR and the Internet into an open, community based massive global web of interconnected metaverse worlds. With more than $40 million invested in development thus far, more than 17 years of experience, a massive existing user base and our incredible intellectual property portfolio, we plan to be the dominant company offering the genuine metaverse within 18 months of release.

AAA+ Development Team

Our development team is a seasoned group of visionaries, with countless game titles under their belts. They have already built and rebuilt multiple iterations of the Utherverse in preparation for our newest platform.

Legacy worlds built by Utherverse still host an active and dedicated user base. At their peak, millions of monthly users called Utherverse operated worlds, home.

The Utherverse is a co-creative endeavor!

We are an open platform. As such, we will build and evolve our world together with the communities of the Internet. We give each of our users the chance to thrive and succeed, while helping to build the best space for everyone.

Ours is a vision of the metaverse where every user who participates has the space to grow, evolve, and prosper.


The Utherverse business plan is to empower the community - users large and small - to thrive in a truly open metaverse.

The Utherverse can go toe to toe with the biggest and most evil players and keep them from controlling the metaverse, but we can also protect the community from smaller threats to the community.



As Shepherds to metaverse critical IP, Utherverse wants to ensure that no one becomes a victim of companies that are destined to fail; and almost every company that has ever tried to make a metaverse work has failed.

Virtual properties and NFTs are being sold on hype with no honest prospect of ever being successfully deployed in a real metaverse. We don’t want people to buy tokens based on a slick web site or video if the company doesn’t actually have a business plan and a team capable of building something as complex as a metaverse.

Reverse Damage done by Web 2.0

Our goal is to help rebuild the damage done by social media, and provide an open, welcoming platform to nurture community in the future. The metaverse will not simply be a place we go into. The metaverse will be everywhere around us.

A Revolution in Virtual Reality

Now, we are on the brink of launching our third-generation commercial platform which will include all of the openness and features that we’ve been developing and refining for more than a decade.

With this new set of tools, protocols, technologies and knowledge of operations, a revolution is about to hit the world of VR and metaverse!