A Constellation of Virtual Worlds

Utherverse is building the next layer of the Internet

The Utherverse is designed to be a constellation of virtual worlds and metaverse offerings, each of which is run by a Sovereign operator that is licensed but independent from Utherverse.

Each sovereign metaverse has broad authority to set the rules and policies that will govern the community in that particular region, customize features, look and feel, graphical displays and even the user interface that will enable a vast array of unique and charmingly different experiences

Explore Web 3.D

  • Users can navigate between interconnected metaverse worlds in much the same way as navigating the web’s hyperlinks.

  • Each virtual world on the network has its own URL.

  • Users move from space to space by clicking doors, interacting with game worlds, or using search engines.

  • Spaces can be Landmarked - analogous to web bookmarks - or URLs entered manually.

Virtual Worlds

Virtual worlds, which are analogous to webpages on the traditional Internet, span a number of different categories,

The most common of which are:
  • Social networking
  • Real estate
  • Conventions
  • Education
  • Dating
  • Adult Entertainment
  • Healthcare
  • Meetups
  • Live Entertainment
  • Gaming