Destined to Become the Primary Internet Platform.

Utherverse has created a new layer of the Internet that sits on top of the flat World Wide Web (WWW) layer.

When it is populated, this Virtual World Web (VWW™) will be comprised of millions interconnected metaverse worlds that is destined to become the primary Internet platform. Users of the Utherverse VWW will access this new Internet layer using a new kind of Internet Browser (named Aeon).

A Virtual Constellation

Other companies billing their VR spaces as “the metaverse” will be the equivalent of websites, while you can think of the Utherverse as being the World Wide Web itself. Competitors are just nodes in a vast constellation of this new Virtual World Web.


As a fully featured metaverse browser it will enable users to jump from location to location, search the metaverse and give a suite of tools similar to what you would find in a flat-web browser updated for the metaverse.

Aeon is a web 3.D browser with powerful new search engine tools, where you can:

Millions of Interconnected Metaverse Worlds

With the Aeon Browser, users will be able to surf to millions of interconnected Metaverse offerings, all built by other users, entrepreneurs, celebrities, businesses and governments. Millions of worlds and games will be networked for interoperability, and discoverable via our powerful new Web 3.D search engine.